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baby can you blow my heart up?
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29th-Jul-2013 08:44 pm - jaechun brofic, side of jaesu
you're my bro, right?
jaechun (platonic...ish? it's bromantic); jaesu; 338 words
this ridiculousness is dedicated to illuminations, because i can talk about starting a million jaesu fics and never finish them

yeah man, i love youCollapse )
1st-Jul-2011 07:53 am(no subject)
my mind may forget but there are parts of me that will always remember the parts of you. because it seems like we were most beautiful that way, in pieces. like the way my palm will always remember the feel of your skin or the way my lips will always remember the taste of morning sunshine on yours.

there are things my mind will forget, but my body will remember for me, painlessly. it'll search for the same thing again, i think, in other bodies, in other parts of other bodies.

so maybe my mind is not as good as forgetting as it thinks it is.
19th-Apr-2010 08:41 pm - dino!dbsk; crackfic
He Left Behind An Extra Small Fossil
gen-dbsk, jaejoong-centric; 1,158 words
A/N: This is DBSK written as young dinosaurs. I guarantee neither actual laughs nor historical/biological accuracy (T___T). Vocab words that really aren't that important: T-rex, Minmi, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Triceratops.
Who doesn't love plants? They're delicious and nutritious!Collapse )
Also! There's been a lovely fanart drawn by fictionalkitty here that is all kinds of adorable ;~;!
[Enter stage right, hungry and upset] There was an accident, and everything went flying...

Memorizing lines comes easier to Junsu when there aren't fingers suddenly walking their way across his thigh. He moves the script out of the way and traces the outline of the hand under the sheets to one of an arm to the shoulder that's connected to this some dude he has in his bed. Some dude smiles at him. "Hi."

"Morning. When did you wake up?" He leans back against the headboard and reaches over to pet Jaejoong's hair, laughing under his breath when the man closes his eyes and starts to purr. "Not really into that."

"Few minutes ago," comes a soft answer. "Watched you read."
summary: junsu wears glasses; jaesuCollapse )
7th-Jan-2010 11:47 pm - Waiter, Check Please!; jaesu
Waiter, Check Please!
jaesu; 779 words
done for tvxqfic's prompt challenge: nobody loses all the time
summary: jaejoong is a waiter at a diner who develops a little crush.
not my best, and a little random. hope someone is able to enjoy anyway :x!
Jaejoong winces. It's the third set of plates he's dropped this week.Collapse )
19th-Dec-2009 11:41 pm - Can't Read His Pokerface; yoosu
Can't Read His Pokerface
yoosu; 630 words
written for tvxqfic 's prompt challenge in response to this prompt from we_are_cities .
'You smell, Yoochun.'Collapse )
16th-Dec-2009 07:34 am - drabbly drabble thing; jaesu
mushiest mushy jaesu written for illuminations
brb still feeling queasy from actually bringing this to life
and i will love you until my dying day ♪Collapse )
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